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Psychedelics have long been known to indigenous cultures as powerful tools for healing, and western science finally has some data to explain how and why they work. We believe that psychedelic medicine is critical to help steer us toward a more peaceful and connected* future.

*In the human sense, not the Zuckerberg sense.

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Human/Nature is an interview series that gives people from all walks of life a platform to share their experiences and help foster a better-informed psychedelic culture.

Stories of psychedelic healing

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About Us

Psychedeli was inspired by the transformational healing that we've experienced through magic mushrooms. We believe that every human has the right to heal through the use of (non-scarce) plant medicines. Through the sharing of stories about psychedelic healing, as well as information about growing, sitting, and tripping, our goal is to help empower people to respectfully and responsibly take ownership of their own healing.

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